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Rv Co Ownership Agreement

5 July 2023by

If you`re considering co-owning an RV, it`s important to have a clear and detailed co-ownership agreement in place. This agreement outlines the responsibilities of each co-owner and the terms of ownership, which can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts down the road.

Here are some key components to consider when drafting an RV co-ownership agreement:

Ownership Percentage

The first item to address is how ownership percentages will be established. Typically, each co-owner will contribute a certain amount of money towards the purchase of the RV. The ownership percentages should reflect the amount of money each co-owner contributed. This helps ensure that each co-owner has a fair share of the RV.

Usage Agreement

Another important consideration is how the RV will be used. Decide on a schedule that outlines each co-owner`s use of the RV, and plan for times when multiple co-owners want to use it at the same time. It`s essential to establish procedures for scheduling and reserving the RV.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Maintenance is a critical part of owning an RV. Outline responsibilities for both regular maintenance tasks and major repairs. Establish how maintenance will be tracked, and determine how costs will be divided among the co-owners.

Insurance and Registration

It is important for the co-ownership agreement to define how insurance, registration, and any other legal requirements will be handled. While owning an RV, it must be insured and registered in each owner`s name or through a joint policy. Be certain that all policies and registration details are up-to-date, and document who is responsible for any renewal process.

Co-owner Buyouts

Lastly, consider the possibility of a co-owner wanting to sell their stake in the RV. Determine procedures for transferring ownership, including the process in which the remaining co-owners must decide whether to buy out the departing co-owner or sell the whole RV and divide the proceeds.


Drafting a comprehensive co-ownership agreement ensures that there is clarity and communication between all co-owners of the RV. Make sure that each co-owner understands and agrees with the terms outlined in the agreement before moving forward with the purchase. This approach can help you avoid conflicts and ensure a long and enjoyable shared ownership of your RV.